Oh Books!

The lives of children today are very much different. Children today have fewer opportunities for outdoor free play and regular contact with the natural world. However, it is through discovery and natural interactions with their environment that children come to know themselves, their peers, and make sense of the world around them. Bringing children outdoor helps them to develop critical thinking skills as they learn to make inferences and draw conclusions in ways they could not learn from a book.

Before heading outdoors, get your child and yourself enthusiastic about nature with these lovely books! :)

oh books!1. Planting a Rainbow / 2. Leaf Man / 3. The Listening Walk / 4. Swirl by Swirl / 5. Butterfly is Patient

*These books are appropriate for children 4 years and above.


Fine Motor Skills

fine motor

When your child turns 4, you naturally get anxious about his/her reading and writing skills. A good way to prepare preschoolers is to actually provide them with more activities that enhances their fine motor skills. Writing requires control of the small muscles, and fine motor activities can help to enhance muscle strength, coordination and dexterity.

These fun and engaging activities will definitely leave them wanting more! :)

*Activities are appropriate for children 4 – 6 years old

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Montessori Home

montessoriWhat is an effective learning method for a toddler? Personally, I feel that the Montessori philosophy works beautifully for children 18 months to 3 years old. If you are unfamiliar with the Montessori method, it focuses on independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical and social development. In a nutshell, Maria Montessori believed that when a child is given the freedom to choose within a prepared environment, he / she will learn and develop optimally.

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Oh Books!

oh booksThese children’s books are full of sweet stories, unconditional feelings and genuine emotions about a parent’s love. Colourful and expressive, the illustrations are bound to warm the hearts of both children and adults. These books will make excellent bedtime stories, so do add them to the library! :)

1. Guess how much I love you / 2. I love you stinky face / 3. Love you forever / 4. Counting kisses / 5. Daddy cuddles

P.S “Love you forever” is my absolute favourite. It’s a simple and subtle book that truly tugs on the heart strings.

Cultural Basket

my worldWith the emphasis on academic excellence, many young children are hardly exposed to different cultures and they possessed very little knowledge about the world and its happenings. When children learn about other cultures, it helps them understand and feel engaged in the world. They become interested in cultural norms and values, different religions and languages. Most importantly, they will learn to respect and embrace diversity rather than fear and reject differences.

How then could you encourage your preschooler to learn about the world? It’s really not that difficult.

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Art Garden

art gardenIf there is a place in Singapore to fire up your child’s imagination, Art Garden 2013 will be it. The Art Garden 2013 aims to capture the imagination of both children and parents through contemporary art, and it conjures up an immersive world where children can not only view, but touch and interact with the exhibits.

Spread over 4 floors of SAM at 8Q are 7 art installations and a movie screening room that features a selection of short films. There are also craft stations for children throughout the museum; where some of the activities allow children to see their own creations as part of the installation while others let children step into the shoes of the artist and experience what goes into the making of the installation.

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Let’s All Read

let's readReading daily with your child is beneficial to their development in many ways. There is no better way to introduce new vocabulary and teach literacy fundamentals than the simple act of reading. However, just reading the words on each page of a book does not maximize your child’s learning process. Here are 5 strategies to further enhance your child’s reading experience:

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