Personalized Alphabet Book

I really like the idea of a personalized alphabet book very much simply because it’s a meaningful and engaging way to introduce letters to young children.¬†Children learn more effectively when they are able to¬†connect new learning to their prior knowledge and experience. And when opportunities are created for children to connect new information to prior knowledge, it ignites their curiosity and interest in learning.

bookBesides learning about letters and words, personalizing an alphabet book is an enjoyable and enriching process. It’s a great way to bond and definitely fun to document a personal object, place or experience for each letter with your child. And because of the familiarities, flipping through the pages will get your child very excited about the pictures, letters and words! So other than a favorite toy or place, be sure to include pictures of your child engaging in various activities on his own, with siblings, friends and even with you! (e.g. digging sand, kicking a ball, reading a book with dad)

Recommended font type for words: Comic Sans MS / Chalkboard.

bookSo what do you think? Try it with your little one… I would love to hear about your experience! :)

*image source: google images, dotspots&carrots