5 Crafting Tips (For toddlers)

For toddlers, the ability to create and imagine comes naturally and they learn by using all of their senses. As toddlers explore with paint and dough, it opens up their minds and enables them to fine tune motor skills and enhances their creativity and imagination. Remember that even though they are young, toddlers are very much capable of using a variety of materials to create art.

You can encourage creativity in your child by providing time and space for making art, along with the right materials. Here are 5 tips for crafting with toddlers:

Create an art corner. Having a space for children to craft is essential and enhances their interest and creativity. It also encourages children to craft as and when they want; reinforcing self-direction and independence.

craft 5 *image source: desiretoinspire

Fuss-free storage containers. Simple storage options encourage children to clean up their own work area. Toddlers will develop independence over time, and most importantly learn to be responsible and sets the stage for how they will complete tasks given to them as they get older.


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