6 Sensory Activities for 2 Year Olds

sensory 2 year olds primarily use their senses to make connections and learn about the world. Learning and retention improves when all of children’s senses are engaged, and because children learn best by having “hands on” experiences with materials, sensory experiences are vital to their learning.
Process is more important than the product – how your child uses the materials is much more important than what he makes with them.
Read on to find out more about these 6 Sensory Activities!

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A is for Applesauce

a is for applesauce

Have you been thinking of fun and creative ways to teach your preschooler letters of the alphabet? One dad has found a way to make this milestone even more special (and delicious) for his daughter.

Graphic designer Tommy Perez found not only a fun way to teach his daughter letters of the alphabet, but allows him to share his love for design and typography with her as well. As what Tommy mentioned in his article,

I love that she’s not only learning about food and letters, but also gaining great life skills.

What an intriguing and meaningful way to learn and bond with your preschooler, yes?

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Creating Memories


When you think about parenting, what are the first few words that comes to your mind?

Fulfilling… Happiness… Demanding… Bills…

With the busy schedules, meetings and chores, most parents get to spend only a few hours with their children each day. But truth be told, all you need is that few hours to create wonderful and lasting memories with your child.

This article by Tiernan McKay is simple yet thoughtful. I particularly like what Tiernan says about “being present“.

As moms, we’re usually pretty close to our kids geographically, but how “present” are we from day to day? Do you find yourself stuck in a routine, just going through the motions?…. It’s too easy to get distracted, but twenty years from now, will I remember that I finished the last load of laundry or that I read books to my kids all afternoon?

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Baby Play Ideas

baby play ideasBabies may be limited by their dexterity and mobility, but not their ability to interact with the world. Babies learn through all of their senses, and they create concepts by considering what they have learned through their senses. It is also through the interactions and experiences with adults that babies begin to make sense of the world. To enhance learning, always get down on your child’s level to better understand what the environment looks like from their point of view.

Here are 6 simple and wonderful play ideas for your bubba! :)

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The Passion of Parenting


Parenting is the hardest job in the world, but also the most rewarding.

This heart-warming article by Charles M. Blow has so much honesty and love. Parenting is indeed a marathon, not a sprint. As Charles pointed out, it is important to take care of yourself and give at least some attention to your own needs.

And as an Early Childhood Educator, I couldn’t agree more with what Charles mentioned in his article,

“…remember that the more people a child has who truly loves him or her,

the happier that child will be.

So I work hard to maintain and expand their circles of love.”

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