6 Sensory Activities for 2 Year Olds

sensory 2 year olds primarily use their senses to make connections and learn about the world. Learning and retention improves when all of children’s senses are engaged, and because children learn best by having “hands on” experiences with materials, sensory experiences are vital to their learning.
Process is more important than the product – how your child uses the materials is much more important than what he makes with them.
Read on to find out more about these 6 Sensory Activities!

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Baby Play Ideas

baby play ideasBabies may be limited by their dexterity and mobility, but not their ability to interact with the world. Babies learn through all of their senses, and they create concepts by considering what they have learned through their senses. It is also through the interactions and experiences with adults that babies begin to make sense of the world. To enhance learning, always get down on your child’s level to better understand what the environment looks like from their point of view.

Here are 6 simple and wonderful play ideas for your bubba! :)

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Montessori Home

practical life

When it comes to giving bananas to your child, do you give them peeled ones? More children are starting school with such poor co-ordination they struggle to peel a banana, say physical movement experts. A simple task like peeling a banana may not sound a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But it is actually a good Practical Life activity for your toddler.

A basic Montessori motto is “help me do it myself,” and by encouraging your toddler to accomplish tasks on their own, you are helping them to build motor skills, confidence and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Peeling a banana allows children to work with both hands at the same time, not to mention the delicious reward at the end of it! But before you hand your toddler an unpeeled banana, there are some pointers to take note of so that your child will be able to complete the task successfully and safely.

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Being a Mom.

“I wish I was more confident.”

“I’m a perfectionist.”

“I have doubts of my abilities.”

“I struggle with how I react to situations.”

Sounds familiar? Raising little humans is a scary thing for many mothers. There is no guidebook or handbook to teach you how to raise your child. For most of us, we are our biggest critics. But as much as you have doubts about your abilities, remember that your child has total trust in you.

So give yourself a big pat on the shoulders and believe that you ARE doing a wonderful job as a mom! :)

Montessori Home


When incorporating the Montessori method in your home, space constraint may not allow you to adopt all ideas and concepts. It is perfectly fine because changes can be made gradually. As every family and child is different, so what works for one family might not necessary work for yours. Even though it is ideal to have a few shelves for the various developmental areas, it is perfectly okay to place different learning materials on just one shelf. The rotation of materials will just have to be more frequent, in order to enhance your child’s learning needs and interests.

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Montessori Home

montessoriWhat is an effective learning method for a toddler? Personally, I feel that the Montessori philosophy works beautifully for children 18 months to 3 years old. If you are unfamiliar with the Montessori method, it focuses on independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical and social development. In a nutshell, Maria Montessori believed that when a child is given the freedom to choose within a prepared environment, he / she will learn and develop optimally.

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