What’s for Breakfast?

breakfast 4

Spending time with your preschooler requires lots of energy, and what better way to fuel your energy and start the day right than these healthy and delicious breakfast?

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Oreo Pops!

oreo pops

Cake pops are wonderful treats to have at children’s parties, but as nice as they look, they require some hard work. Buying cake pops off the shelves can be pretty expensive too. So the next best alternative is…. OREO POPS! Oreo Pops is a sure hit at any party, almost everyone I know enjoys an Oreo or two. The best part? These Oreo Pops are easy to make, very affordable and they sure look like their from a fancy bakery! :)

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Baked Apple Chips

apple chipsPreschoolers are always on the move, and they need to eat every few hours to keep their energy levels up and get the nutrition they need. So giving your child healthy snacks is essential. These baked apple chips are really easy and doesn’t cost much. Best part? They are an amazing source of fiber and have one of the lowest natural sugar content of all the fruits.

Here’s the recipe! :)

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