Baby Play Ideas

baby play ideasBabies may be limited by their dexterity and mobility, but not their ability to interact with the world. Babies learn through all of their senses, and they create concepts by considering what they have learned through their senses. It is also through the interactions and experiences with adults that babies begin to make sense of the world. To enhance learning, always get down on your child’s level to better understand what the environment looks like from their point of view.

Here are 6 simple and wonderful play ideas for your bubba! :)

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Little Green Pouch

Are you searching for a feeding product that meets your needs as a mama-on-the-go? A product that is safe, convenient and fuss-free?

little green pouchThe Little Green Pouch is a reusable, Eco-friendly pouch that can be filled with any pureed food. To use, simply open zipper and spoon/funnel/pour in your child’s favorite pureed food. After zipping up the pouch, your child can eat directly out of the plastic spout or attach the silicone spout for babies 6 months and older. To clean, simply use a bottle brush and wash it with soap and water. When empty, the pouch lays nearly completely flat, taking up very little storage space. Absolutely fuss-free!

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Rhythm & Movement

musicWe are often so eager to expose and introduce letters and numbers to young children that we forget all about creative arts (art, music, movement, dramatic play). Besides art, movement and dramatic play, music provides more benefits to children than just simple entertainment. Just as how music makes us feel good, children feel the same way too. Music is a natural part of life for young children, and exposing them to music at an early age helps to cultivate many skills that will continue to be useful throughout their lives.

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