Artwork Collage

art collage

Does your child do lots of painting at home? Have you been collecting stacks of artwork, and wondering what you could do with them? Besides hanging them up on walls, here is an easy project you could do together with your child.

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DIY Doll House

doll houseOld-fashioned dollhouses tend to be pretty pricey and require a lot of space. But this DIY doll house is simple to make, and most of all, it will put a big grin on your little girl’s face. All you need is a bookcase as the main house structure, wrapping paper to decorate each room and miniature dolls/furniture.

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DIY Playhouse

playhouseThere’s just something about cardboard boxes that fascinate children. As an educator, cardboard boxes are my “go-to” resource because they provide endless creative possibilities for children’s imagination. And you can do the same for your pre-schooler at home too!

Playhouse is always a hit for young children. This playhouse is a real gem simply because it collapses down flat for easy storage. But most importantly, your child will make plenty of good memories and have lots of fun even with a simple playhouse like this!

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Gallery Wall

gallery wallWhat do you do when you have a whole collection of your child’s art work? You hang them up!

Hanging up your child’s art work is definitely way better than storing them in boxes. Displaying your child’s work lets them know you value their work and their creative efforts. Most importantly, it promotes individual self-esteem and confidence, both of which are important for lifelong learning. Remember that there really is no “unacceptable” art, so allow time for your child to explore all possibilities, moving from popular to more original ideas.

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5 Crafting Tips (For toddlers)

For toddlers, the ability to create and imagine comes naturally and they learn by using all of their senses. As toddlers explore with paint and dough, it opens up their minds and enables them to fine tune motor skills and enhances their creativity and imagination. Remember that even though they are young, toddlers are very much capable of using a variety of materials to create art.

You can encourage creativity in your child by providing time and space for making art, along with the right materials. Here are 5 tips for crafting with toddlers:

Create an art corner. Having a space for children to craft is essential and enhances their interest and creativity. It also encourages children to craft as and when they want; reinforcing self-direction and independence.

craft 5 *image source: desiretoinspire

Fuss-free storage containers. Simple storage options encourage children to clean up their own work area. Toddlers will develop independence over time, and most importantly learn to be responsible and sets the stage for how they will complete tasks given to them as they get older.


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Personalized Alphabet Book

I really like the idea of a personalized alphabet book very much simply because it’s a meaningful and engaging way to introduce letters to young children. Children learn more effectively when they are able to connect new learning to their prior knowledge and experience. And when opportunities are created for children to connect new information to prior knowledge, it ignites their curiosity and interest in learning.

bookBesides learning about letters and words, personalizing an alphabet book is an enjoyable and enriching process. It’s a great way to bond and definitely fun to document a personal object, place or experience for each letter with your child. And because of the familiarities, flipping through the pages will get your child very excited about the pictures, letters and words! So other than a favorite toy or place, be sure to include pictures of your child engaging in various activities on his own, with siblings, friends and even with you! (e.g. digging sand, kicking a ball, reading a book with dad)

Recommended font type for words: Comic Sans MS / Chalkboard.

bookSo what do you think? Try it with your little one… I would love to hear about your experience! :)

*image source: google images, dotspots&carrots

Fun with Oobleck

oobleckOne of my fondest memories as a teacher is spending afternoons playing oobleck with the children in class. What’s oobleck you might ask? It’s basically cornstarch goo.

Oobleck is a great sensory experience for the little ones (children 18 months to 3 years) and even the older children will enjoy it too. Oobleck acts like a liquid and oozes through your fingers when you grab it gently. But acts like a solid when a force is applied to it. I never get tired of playing with oobleck. It’s intriguing, fun and therapeutic, even for an adult.

Oobleck is inexpensive and it provides endless opportunities for both play and learning. All you need to do is to mix 1 cup of cornstarch and half a cup of water  in a large bowl (add a few drops of food colouring if you like), and voilà!

I hope you will have as much fun with your child as I did! :)

Recommended book: BARTHOLOMEW AND THE OOBLECK by Dr. Suess

*image source: google images