Creating Memories


When you think about parenting, what are the first few words that comes to your mind?

Fulfilling… Happiness… Demanding… Bills…

With the busy schedules, meetings and chores, most parents get to spend only a few hours with their children each day. But truth be told, all you need is that few hours to create wonderful and lasting memories with your child.

This article by Tiernan McKay is simple yet thoughtful. I particularly like what Tiernan says about “being present“.

As moms, we’re usually pretty close to our kids geographically, but how “present” are we from day to day? Do you find yourself stuck in a routine, just going through the motions?…. It’s too easy to get distracted, but twenty years from now, will I remember that I finished the last load of laundry or that I read books to my kids all afternoon?

Read the article HERE! :)

* Image source: Katy Gitto Photography


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