Wee You – Things

wee you things

Wee You-Things is an interactive book designed to encourage children (ages 3-7) to appreciate differences. When children as early as three years are encouraged to respect differences, they will grow to be more respectful and less bias towards others around them.

This wonderful app begins by inviting children to become part of the story by creating their “you”. That’s not all. They have to give it a name, choose clothes and add a personality to the character they have created.

wee-you thingsAs the story progresses, children will meet different distinct characters. The diversity of the characters and their ‘you-things’ gives parents and children an opportunity to learn and discuss about what makes them special. Identifying differences is a great way to help children understand that the way people act and the things they do aren’t necessarily related to how they look.

Wonderful story aside, this app is beautifully designed. The clever use of bold colours and geometric patterns will definitely capture your preschooler’s attention!

Download it HERE now! :)

*Image source: weeyouthings


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