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When it comes to giving bananas to your child, do you give them peeled ones? More children are starting school with such poor co-ordination they struggle to peel a banana, say physical movement experts. A simple task like peeling a banana may not sound a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But it is actually a good Practical Life activity for your toddler.

A basic Montessori motto is “help me do it myself,” and by encouraging your toddler to accomplish tasks on their own, you are helping them to build motor skills, confidence and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Peeling a banana allows children to work with both hands at the same time, not to mention the delicious reward at the end of it! But before you hand your toddler an unpeeled banana, there are some pointers to take note of so that your child will be able to complete the task successfully and safely.

bananaFor toddlers:

  • Use regular bananas instead of the mini ones (Mini bananas are actually harder to peel because their skin is much thinner)
  • Cut a whole banana into smaller pieces
  • Make small cuts through the peel
  • Once your child is done peeling and eating, always practice cleaning up (e.g. throwing peel into bins)

With more practice, your child will become more adept! And nothing beats seeing that joy and satisfaction on their face! :)

*Image source: our montessori home


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