Montessori Home


When incorporating the Montessori method in your home, space constraint may not allow you to adopt all ideas and concepts. It is perfectly fine because changes can be made gradually. As every family and child is different, so what works for one family might not necessary work for yours. Even though it is ideal to have a few shelves for the various developmental areas, it is perfectly okay to place different learning materials on just one shelf. The rotation of materials will just have to be more frequent, in order to enhance your child’s learning needs and interests.

For toddlers (1-3 years old), you may want to provide more activities that focus on practical life skills. So, what is practical life skills? Basically, it is any physical activity that helps a child grow in motor skills, cognitive development, self-confidence and development of his or her own personality, and most of all independence. When children learn to take care of themselves, it not only enhances self-confidence and freedom, but also enhances their ability to master concrete learning that eventually leads to abstract learning, such as reading and math.

Here are some ideas to kick-start your set-up project! :)

montessori toddlers1. Wooden Shelves / 2. Baskets / 3. Potted plant / 4. Stack & Sort Board / 5. Little Helper Broom Set / 6. Scooping Activity / 7. Colour Sort

* Remember to always place each activity in baskets / trays, except for stand-alone toys. That way, your child will be able to explore one activity at a time at his / her own pace.


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