6 Painting Activities


“Given an easel, paper and paint, and no directions, every child will paint!”

(Katherine H.Read)

Painting is fun for children, but most importantly, it provides children with the freedom to express their creative thoughts and feelings. The more children paint, the more they learn to appreciate their uniqueness and the value of art. Painting also helps to foster and develop children’s creativity and critical thinking skills, and empowers them to think with an open mind. Because there is no right way in making art, painting provides children with the foundation to look at the world with confidence and appreciation.

So here are 6 painting activities that you could do together with your child. Have fun and don’t be afraid of the mess! ;)


1. Watercolor Bubble Art / 2. Feet Painting


3. Glue & Salt Painting / 4. Credit Card Art


5. Funnel Painting / 6. Rolling-pin Painting


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