Cultural Basket

my worldWith the emphasis on academic excellence, many young children are hardly exposed to different cultures and they possessed very little knowledge about the world and its happenings. When children learn about other cultures, it helps them understand and feel engaged in the world. They become interested in cultural norms and values, different religions and languages. Most importantly, they will learn to respect and embrace diversity rather than fear and reject differences.

How then could you encourage your preschooler to learn about the world? It’s really not that difficult.

You could actually start by setting up a cultural basket at home to provide and expose your preschooler (ages 3 – 6) to opportunities that will widen their perspective. From the basket, your child will travel around the globe together with you without ever needing a suitcase. Remember that the basket should be easily accessible and materials to be replaced with new ones every 3 – 4 weeks. To extend learning, you may also encourage your child to add relevant items to the basket along the way. Here are some ideas! :)

cultural basket1. Rattan Basket / 2. Miller Book / 3. National Geographic Little Kids / 4. World Globe / 5. Make a World / 6. Paint Box 

*image source: zazzle


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