Art Garden

art gardenIf there is a place in Singapore to fire up your child’s imagination, Art Garden 2013 will be it. The Art Garden 2013 aims to capture the imagination of both children and parents through contemporary art, and it conjures up an immersive world where children can not only view, but touch and interact with the exhibits.

Spread over 4 floors of SAM at 8Q are 7 art installations and a movie screening room that features a selection of short films. There are also craft stations for children throughout the museum; where some of the activities allow children to see their own creations as part of the installation while others let children step into the shoes of the artist and experience what goes into the making of the installation.

If you haven’t had the chance to bring your child, fret not, there’s still time to do so! :)

Venue: SAM at 8Q; 8 Queen Street

Dates: Till 1 September 2013

Opening Hours: 10am to 7pm daily (9pm on Fridays)

Admission: Singapore Citizens & PRs (Free) / Adults ($10) / Child under 6 (Free) / Foreigh students & Senior Citizens ($5)



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