Staying Focused in a Distracting World

familyDo you allow your child to use your iPhone just so that you could keep them calm for a few minutes? What about letting your child watch videos on the iPad during meal times just so that they could “sit still”? And as a parent, are you constantly on your smartphone (texting, surfing the net) when your child is right next to you?

This brilliant article by Linda Stone has so much sense and truth in it. The article is a great reminder to all parents about the importance of helping and encouraging your child to stay focus in a distracting world. I am particularly fond of this:

“We may think that kids have a natural fascination with phones.

Really, children have a fascination with whatever Mom and Dad find fascinating. If they are fascinated by the flowers coming up in the yard, that’s what the children are going to find fascinating. And if Mom and Dad can’t put down the device with the screen, the child is going to think, That’s where it’s all at, that’s where I need to be!

Kids learn empathy in part through eye contact and gaze. If kids are learning empathy through eye contact, and our eye contact is with devices, they will miss out on empathy.”

Surrounded with many potential distractions, it’s crucial for parents to be more intentional in helping their child develop self-discipline, effective focus strategies and concentration skills at an early age. And you could start simply by pulling out your smartphone less and focusing your attention on your child more. Remember that small steps go a long way. :)

Read the full article HERE!

*image source: google images


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