Let’s All Read

let's readReading daily with your child is beneficial to their development in many ways. There is no better way to introduce new vocabulary and teach literacy fundamentals than the simple act of reading. However, just reading the words on each page of a book does not maximize your child’s learning process. Here are 5 strategies to further enhance your child’s reading experience:

Read the title, author and illustrator

It is important for your child to be familiar with and to understand that every book is written and illustrated by real people. Explain what it means to be an author and illustrator.

Make predictions

Always read the title, look at the cover and ask your child to predict what the story might be about. Encourage them to use their imagination and let them know that there is no wrong answer. As you are halfway through the book, you may also ask your child to make a prediction about how the story will end.

Talk about the pictures

When your child examines what is happening in a picture and explains it, it develops their inference skills. Choose pictures that you think are interesting, and pictures that you child is able to relate to. Just make sure not to do it with every picture in the book.

Ask questions

Asking questions will encourage your child to recall and reflect. Limit your questions, as the goal is to engage your child in the story. You may ask basic recall questions such as “What did Luke bought from the store?”, as well as reasoning questions such as “Why do you think Luke bought the bag of flour?”. You could also ask expansion questions such as “What do you think you can do with a bag of flour?”, to encourage your child to reflect deeper.

Reread the same books

Remember that children like repetition, and they enjoy reading the same books over and over again. Repetition helps your child to conceptualize learning, and enhances their literacy skills. Rereading the same books will also enable your child to learn and remember words and letters.

Books have the power to benefit your child in a myriad of ways. Most importantly, early reading helps your child to view books as an indulgence, not a chore. Children who are exposed to reading at an early age are much more likely to choose books over television, video games and other forms of entertainment as they grow older. So, do reinforce reading with your child today. It’s never too late to start! :)

*image source: google images


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