Rhythm & Movement

musicWe are often so eager to expose and introduce letters and numbers to young children that we forget all about creative arts (art, music, movement, dramatic play). Besides art, movement and dramatic play, music provides more benefits to children than just simple entertainment. Just as how music makes us feel good, children feel the same way too. Music is a natural part of life for young children, and exposing them to music at an early age helps to cultivate many skills that will continue to be useful throughout their lives.

Young children learn new skills through moving, and music encourages them to do so. Through music, children are motivated to freely express their feelings, imagination and creativity. Not forgetting that music is a great way to bond with your child too. You really do not have to send your child to expensive music classes, in order to expose them to music. Preparing a music basket for your child is a great start! And remember that your child should be free to explore the music basket and create his/her own music, songs and movement. :)

What you could include in the music basket:

music basket1. Egg Shakers / 2. Wrist Bells / 3. Mini Rainmaker / 4. Hand Drum / 5. Triangles / 6. Resonator Bells / 7. Guiro Tone Block

(All instruments are from Allegro-Brio, do visit their website for more information)

*image source: fittoprintdesigns, google images


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