Gallery Wall

gallery wallWhat do you do when you have a whole collection of your child’s art work? You hang them up!

Hanging up your child’s art work is definitely way better than storing them in boxes. Displaying your child’s work lets them know you value their work and their creative efforts. Most importantly, it promotes individual self-esteem and confidence, both of which are important for lifelong learning. Remember that there really is no “unacceptable” art, so allow time for your child to explore all possibilities, moving from popular to more original ideas.

hang them upTo effectively display children’s artwork within very limited budgets and in a short amount of time, use curtain rods, wires and rings! A little effort goes a long way. Try some of these ideas to get things rolling! :)hang them up

1. Deka curtain wire / 2. Kvartal Single Rack / 3. Syrlig Curtain Ring / 4. Irja Curtain Rod Set


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