Parenting Without Borders

parenting without bordersExchanging knowledge with educators from different parts of the world is always an enriching experience. It’s pretty amazing to know how educators from different countries and backgrounds find what works best to meet the needs of young children. And as an educator, learning more about cultural norms and differences has definitely broadened my perspectives and shaped the way I teach and nurture the children I have worked with over the years.

When I came across the article “Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?” by Christine Gross-Loh, I found myself nodding as I read. The points that Christine have highlighted in her article are intriguing and definitely insightful. Definitely worth a read! I am particularly fond of this:

Children are drawn to the things we parents fear: high places, water, wandering far away, dangerous sharp tools. Our instinct is to keep them safe by childproofing their lives. But “the most important safety protection you can give a child,” Sandseter explained when we talked, “is to let them take… risks.”

What do you think of the article? After reading it, do you feel the urge to make little adjustments to your parenting beliefs? Do share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you. :)


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