I Spy With My Little Eye

i spyEvery child likes a game, so why not use their enthusiasm to reinforce learning when you bring them out on a neighborhood walk? This activity “I Spy with my Little Eye” encourages children from ages 4 – 6 to observe, explore and inquire while taking a stroll around the neighborhood.

Before going on a walk, talk about what a neighborhood is. Ask your child questions about what they might see and who they think lives in a neighborhood. Print out the activity checklist, go through the list of items, attached the checklist onto a clipboard and your child is all set to go!

But that’s not all. :)

During the walk, encourage your child to say the phrase “I spy with my little eye, a….. (e.g. red car)!” whenever they spot an item on the checklist. A few promptings may be needed initially, but they will remember it soon enough. During the walk, your child might also notice and discover things that are not on the list. Talk about those things too because incidental learning promotes both enjoyment and engagement in learning. Remember that children’s natural inclination towards making observations, completing tasks and solving problems allows them to unknowingly acquire knowledge as well.

To further enhance learning, encourage your child to do a drawing of all the things that have spied with their little eye after the walk. You’ll be surprised with the things they have observed that you didn’t! :)

*You may adapt this activity for various places such as the supermarket, zoo or even the library.

Download the activity checklist HERE. :)


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