Oh Books!

oh booksThe best children’s books are the ones that parents love to read to their kids.

I’ve always enjoyed the books by Herve Tullet. His books for children are highly interactive and they inspire children to think out of the box. And if you are thinking of one book to start with, I highly recommend “Press Here“. “Press Here” is a book that celebrates the power of imagination, and encourages independent reading. Each page of the book instructs the reader to press the dots, shake the pages, tilt the book and much more. The simple narration and illustration works effectively to engage and entertain enthusiastic readers. Sounds like fun? Well, it is! Not only does the book encourages imagination, it introduce and reinforce various learning concepts as well (colours, numbers, language). I never get tired of reading this book to children, neither do they get tired of listening to it.

With the emphasis on academics in schools, creativity often takes a back seat. These wonderful books by Herve Tullet will most definitely help to instill a greater sense of wonder, creativity and imagination in your preschooler. Start them young! :)


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