3 Parenting Reads

It’s true that they say there isn’t one right way to raise your child. But I do believe that it’s always helpful to gather information from various resources and implement the ones you think best meet your child’s needs. Yes? :)

Here are 3 parenting reads that I personally enjoyed:

bookThis is such an excellent book. The book is well written and easy to read. It not only provides you with the skills to communicate more effectively with your child, but with the people around you as well. The book is crammed with invaluable strategies, and are very much applicable and relevant to real life scenarios. Highly recommended!

bookExposing your child to art is definitely as important as teaching them about letters and numbers. This book focuses on process oriented art, which is great because it is the process of learning that is to be enjoyed and savored. Remember that you don’t have to be an expert to facilitate and support art making. The book also provides many fun ideas to promote creativity and the ideas can be adapted for different age groups, which is perfect. The Artful Parent is definitely a wonderful resource to have.

bookKaren Le Billon tells the story of how her young family left Canada and moved to France to spend a year in her husband’s tiny hometown. And in her funny memoir, Le Billon shares 10 rules that she has learned from the French about how to raise happy, healthy eaters. Besides loads of great advice on how to help children eat well, I enjoyed this book also because of the refreshing and enlightening perspectives it gives to readers about the cultures of different countries.

Happy reading! :)


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