Playdough Mats

playdough matThe first time I heard about playdough mats, I fell in love with the idea right away. Such a clever idea. Not only do the mats provide children with the opportunities to use playdough creatively, they foster children’s development of language arts, mathematical concepts and fine motor skills as well. It’s a wonderful activity for preschoolers, especially for children age 2 to 3.

There are a few ways that children can play with the mats. The most basic way is to read the instructions on each mat and encourage your child to complete the task using playdough. For a higher level of playing, you could introduce the concept of colours to your child by providing different colors of playdough and asking questions such as “Can you plant 6 red carrots for the rabbit?”. Do download the instructions for more variations. :)

playdough matsAll you need to do is to:

  1. Download and print out the playdough mats and instructions.
  2. Laminate the mats.
  3. Bind them together using book rings.
  4. Purchase playdough, or simply make them.


Now, you and your child are set to go. Enjoy and have fun over the weekends! :)


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