Napping Outdoors

napWhen I visited a good friend in Copenhagen last year, I was surprised to see her son napping soundly in the pram in the balcony. It was about 14 degrees that day. I was then told that it is common for babies to nap outdoors. Parents will even leave their sleeping babies alone in prams outside restaurants or shops.

nap 2A large scale of Scandinavian parents actually believe that napping outdoors, even on the cold days, is healthy and beneficial for the little ones. What some parents may not know is that many babies sleep better outdoors in the fresh air than in the bed-room. But of course, woollen clothes are a must.

So, what is your take on this? Interesting isn’t it? Personally, I think that napping outdoors sounds wonderful and I love the idea. But of course, it might not be feasible in certain countries. A strong sense of community and civility makes it possible.

And don’t you just love those prams?

image source: j.brandt


3 thoughts on “Napping Outdoors

  1. I’m a bit funny about waving the pram outside while I’m inside. I’d do a quick pop into a shop, but I wouldn’t have a three course meal.
    I agree that everyone sleeps well with fresh air, and Scando countries are most certainly fresh!

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