Little Lotus – EMBRACE Innovations

Mothers want nothing more than to give their very best to their little ones. This thought rings true for mothers everywhere.

Embrace has helped more than 150,000 babies across 10 countries around the world. Embrace’s vision for helping mothers and newborns around the world is brilliant and commendable.

Little Lotus: Help your baby rest + Give to a baby in need.

Watch this video to understand more. :)

Little Lotus Video from Jane on Vimeo.



What’s for Breakfast?

breakfast 4

Spending time with your preschooler requires lots of energy, and what better way to fuel your energy and start the day right than these healthy and delicious breakfast?

Conquer the day with these easy to prepare meals! :) Continue reading

Moccasins Love


When it comes to shoes, every child should definitely own a pair of these beautiful Moccasins by Freshly Picked!

These soft-soled shoes are made with 100% genuine leather and are suitable for infants and toddlers alike. Moccasins fit true to size and are available in children sizes 1 – 10. And even though your child will outgrow them really quick, the beauty about these moccasins is the simple fact that they are very easy to wear / remove, require no lacing and they STAY on your little one’s feet.

My favorite pairs have to be Golden Rod and Pineapple!

Hop over to their website now! :)